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> In the digital society into which our society has plunged it is important to know the rules of the game. Every day we are more concerned by the virtual world, which takes up a greater part of our time and of our personal and professional economies. This is why it is becoming a crucial matter in today’s globalized world to know the legal rules in such a new field, in order to make sure we are on an equal footing with our competitors and take advantage of the opportunities that the market offers us. We provide advice, consultancy, auditing and training services in the following areas:


  • Legal adaptation of web pages (E-COMMERCE).
  • Implementation of personal data protection (PRIVACY).
  • Legal management of Geolocation.
  • Legalisation of APPS.
  • Online reputation of private individuals and companies. Right to oblivion.
  • Legal protocols for E-marketing (E-MARKETING).
  • Licenses for use, contracts for development of technology and software.
  • Legal advice in respect of bodies governing telecommunications.


  • We implement international standards and legal rules such as:
  • ISO Information Security Management Systems (series ISMS 27000).
  • National Scheme for Security in Public Administrations (NOS).
  • Implementation of Electronic Administration Processes.
  • Implementation of Systems for Protection of Personal Data and Business Know-How.


  • Legal protection of new business ideas (online and offline).
  • Registration of  Patents, Trademarks and Domains .
  • Presence on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube…).
  • Advice and protection in copyright and image rights.
  • Protection of electronic and multimedia work.
  • Regularisation of online betting (GAMBLING).
  • Processing registrations of all kinds of works at both national, community and international levels.
  • Management of video games and in-game advertising (GAMING).
  • Advice to transnational companies in their exploitation of online business in the framework of EU legislation.


  • Computer Crime (phishing, digital harassment, electronic fraud…).
  • Recovery of domains.
  • Conflicts stemming from trademark abuse.
  • Copyright claims.
  • Patent conflicts.
  • Processing claims at Management Organisations.
  • Proceedings at the Sub-Directorate-General of Services for the Information Society (Webs), Spanish Data Protection Agency, APDCAT and SETSI (telecommunications).
  • Claims on removal of contents or personal information from the Internet.
  • Penalty proceedings in the telecommunications area (SETSI).




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